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A chip or a crack in your car window is a quick way to ruin your day. When it’s time to have an auto window repaired, learn about your options and shop around to get the best prices.

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A garage mechanic’s wish list: all the tools you could ever need (and want) in your shop for car maintenance. home automotive car maintenance Most creepers are hard, flat, unpadded boards with tiny wheels that get stuck in cracks in your garage floor. Not this one! Here’s a creeper that’s not only c

A series of car thefts at a Petersburg auto shop has the owner fed up and asking for help. Ronnie Walker said that he’s had to deal with multiple car thefts at his shop in Petersburg. Last year, a car.

how much for auto repair shop States have different licensing requirements for auto repair business.. that you will need to operate an auto repair shop in your state.. how much insurance you will need to obtain for your business.

Ever get that sneaking suspicion when you take your car in for repair that you're overpaying or getting needless work done? If you want to make sure you get service you can trust, keep in mind these tips for what to ask at the shop and signs of good (and bad) mechanics. Ever get that sneaking su

Tampa Police are investigating after a man was found dead in the garage bay of auto body shop. It happened early Tuesday afternoon at 1919 W. St. Joseph St. in Tampa. The victim was a 29-year-old.

The Federal Reserve’s extreme rate cuts have shifted car loan rates into low gear. Auto lenders have downshifted their.

Tampa Police were dispatched to the report of a subject found dead in the garage bay of an auto body shop. Officers arrived.

Law enforcement officers got a special treat as a thank you for their service in the community. The owner at Halleen’s Automotive Shop handed out free.

Auto insurance is a legal requirement in most states, except for places like Virginia where you can pay a fee to the state rather than take out an insurance premium. As with all forms of insurance, there are lots of options available. It can get quite complex when you’re taking out insurance for the

how much is a auto shop cost how many auto repair shops in the us Auto Specialists, Inc. is a full-service automotive repair center serving Omaha, NE. We've saved many of our customers hundreds of dollars by advising against. but we also know what sets us apart from other auto repair shops-quality,how much auto glass repair tire repair kit, tow strap, a multi-tool, cable ties, reflective road warning triangle, a tool for breaking glass, and first aid kit. This little device plugs into their car’s OBDII port.How much does it cost to charge an EV? How much it costs to charge an electric car is dependent on a number of factors. The first is the car itself. Different cars have different much to open an auto shop The shop requires mask wearing for customers and. “Whoever is tattooed or pierced can come in and the others can wait in the car,” she said. As required by law, all employees are required.